Friday, 7 October 2011

My Spanish Coach - Nintendo DS

The problem with having a lot of gadgets that we seem to these days is that there isn't enough time to use it all. But last weekend, I remembered the existence of my DS, charged it up, and then realised that I had My Spanish Coach.

So for the entire last week, DS replaced Kindle during the bus journeys, while I practices Spanish with My Spanish Coach.

It is totally brilliant. It's not enough by itself to teach the language, but it is a wonderful tool for practising vocabulary, basic sentences etc. and make it fun. It uses interactive lessons, and relies heavily on games like multiple choice, flash cards, word search etc. 

With Michel Thomas structure firmly embedded in my mind, this is really helping with the practical application of the language, and I find myself practising speaking more and more phrases and words. Even attacking unsuspecting colleagues by random Spanish sentences and phrases. 

I also tried Spanish for Everyone on DS, and found it really rubbish. I only tried it for five minutes, but even the beginning and the whole format seemed so lame compared to My Spanish Coach that I decided to stick with My Spanish Coach. 

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